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Tuition and Training - at an Affordable Rate

Covid-19 Update

During this period I continue with on-line support and tuition. These are the only ways that I am currently working. For support I am using Chrome Remote Desktop (or Screen Sharing for Mac) in conjunction with either FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Please use one of the links below for details of how to contact me.

While this is the case, lessons can be as short or as long as you need. From 10 minutes to a few hours. I will only charge for the time that I spend on helping you out. I don't go much over 2 hours in general because it can be too intense in terms of the amount of information you may be trying to take in and I find it better to break lessons up in to more manageable chunks. Call or email me for an appointment.

I am a Sound Engineering and Recording and Music technology tutor. I have been training teachers to teach Music Tech at various levels in local schools and I have been involved in teaching these subjects at a London music school on a part-time basis.


This tuition is useful for musicians, voice artists and podcasters who are either starting out or want to take their knowledge to the next level. I am currently teaching a lot more podcasters and voice over artists who have been setting up in their own homes.

A lesson can be anything from 2 hours to get you started or as many sessions as you need.

I normally travel to you but at the moment I only do on-line lessons (which can be shorter than 2 hours).

The links above cover the other areas that I can help you with.

Lessons are tailored to your requirements: covering use of microphones, recording and mixing techniques, Cubase, Logic, Reason, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Live, Garageband, Studio One, Harrison MixBus, Cakewalk and onother packages. This includes areas such as MIDI, VST, sampling and sequencing techniques, hard disk recording and soundcards. I'll help you with what you want and need to know. My clients range from musicians who want to record their music for their own pleasure to established artists and the BBC.

I spent 2 days at the BBC teaching technicians how to use Pro Tools, so it really varies. I can provide you with written notes of your lesson to refer to. Sometimes it can be quite intense, so if you need some notes tell me at the start of the lesson and we'll build that into the session.

I have experience in using both PC and MAC and can help you learn how to use various software packages to help you record and even write your own songs.

Setting up your PC or MAC is essential to the smooth running of your music programs. I can help with some of these technical issues also. Is your soundcard configured properly?

Additionally, I have travelled to different care centres and trusts to help take simple Music Technology to use as Music Therapy.

Buying advice.

Logic and TRacks

If you don't know what software you want to buy and you need a bit of a information about what is going on before you go and splash out a load of cash on expensive software and hardware, please give me a call. I can help you decide whether Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Garageband, Live, Studio One, Sonar or Digital Performer are for you. You can decide what is best for you and then go out and buy the software from a local store or on-line. I give impartial advice based on your requirements as I do not sell software or hardware.

If you would like to know more please click here to get details of how to contact me.


If you want to understand music software packages it often helps to be able to understand what is necessary to mix and create a song.

As a sound engineer I will not only be able to help you understand how the program works, but also be able to help you understand the important issues in creating a song.

Some areas being covered in lessons

For specifics on the following areas just click on these links:  Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Reason, Live, Studio One, Harrison MixBus and Cakewalk.

Also I have covered some of the following across all programmes.

Sound engineering and mixing - whether it's how to mic up or whether you need to know how to cable up your system. I can also help you with understanding mixing consoles whether they be analogue or digital.


Audio and Midi Set up in Windows or Mac OS X and OS 9.

How to program MIDI into your sequencer.

How to use VST/Audio Unit software, such as Spectrasonics Stylus.

Mixing - Where mixes are not working and why. Full use of the whole sound spectrum.

Mastering - Use of internal effects or outboard equipment for mastering.

Sound modules - Increasingly becoming involved in the use of Sound modules such as the EMU Proteus, Korg Triton or Roland JV series for recording purposes.

Pro Tools

Recording General - Which software and soundcards to use in conjunction with an 8 track MD recorder and an iMac.

Recording General - Recording into Software sequencers using all sorts of mixing desks and hardware recorders.

Control Surfaces and MIDI controller keyboards - Set up and use.

Locations visited

Walton on Thames, Shepherd's Bush, Canary Wharf, Enfield, Leyton, Leytonstone, Littlehampton, Lancing, Feltham, Harlesden, Heathfield, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Cheam, Reading, Tulse Hill, Fulham, Plumstead, Lewes, Kettering, Walthamstow, Archway, Chessington, Battersea, Brighton, Bognor, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Paddington, Kenley, Hendon, Raynes Park, Archway, Clacton, Colchester, Charlton, Maidenhead, Hook (Hants), Bagshot, Harpenden, Bromley, Bickley, Kilburn, Stoke Newington, Portsmouth, Havant, Ilford, Woolwich, Uxbridge, Cowley, Crawley, Hastings, Lewisham, Luton, Stockley Park, Bath, Cornwall, Sevenoaks, Chislehurst, Eastbourne, Mile End, Hoddesdon and the South of France. The list is growing all the time and it is quite a wide area so please don't be afraid to call or email. I have even had people come down here from Milton Keynes and Blackburn, for a day long lesson.

Also, I am willing to give phone help using Skype or similar software if you are too far away. Email me for details.

For students who are fairly local, i.e. in South East corner and London, I generally stick to 2 hour sessions. However, if you are a little further away and it would be impractical to come to you for just 2 hours then longer sessions are an option. Please call or email for individual quotations.

If there is a group of you, group lessons can be set up.


Facebook Links

Pro Tools at the BBC

"Hi Steve,

'The training you provided was to a extremely high standard and perfectly suited to our production needs. You understood our production workflow and your expert knowledge allowed us refine our production process to get the most out of our setup'.


Rob Bates - BBC Worldwide

For further information please click here.

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