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Garageband Tuition and Training - and all the rest

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Garageband Lessons in your own home. I can either come to you or I can help you via the internet or phone if it's more convenient.

The new Garageband looks like a cut down Logic Pro so now there is no better way to get into recording. Then when you reach Garageband's limit it's much easier to get into Logic Pro.

The links above cover the other areas that I can help you with.

Whether you have got Garageband, Peak, Recycle, T-Racks or Soundforge. I will teach you how to set up and get the best from your software.

Garageband is Apple's multi track software and and only costs a few pounds in the AppStore and is expanding it's capabilities with every upgrade, and is the perfect place to start if you want to use Logic in the future. Once you have recorded in Garageband you can open your Garageband song up with Logic and you should have no compatibility issues.


If you have the set up, what about T-Racks by IK Multimedia? There are some fantastic processors for mastering and also sweetening up individual parts of your mix. I can show you how to get the best from these great effects.

Classic Audio Editors like Peak and Soundforge continue to dominate the Mac and PC market for this type of software.

Recycle is still going strong if you need a loop slicing tool. It has hardly changed for years but it is still the most popular beat slicing tool.

If you would like affordable tuition from an experienced Music Tech tutor please give me a call or email me. See the link below.

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