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My Thoughts

These are a few things to think about as you go on day to day. The things I think we need to think about to help make life a little better.

War and Terrorism

For all of you out there who don't believe killing other human beings is right, whatever the circumstances. These are my thoughts.

I don't believe any war is right, anyone has the right to defend themselves, but they don't have the right to kill innocents.

The proliferation of any weapons be they chemical, nuclear or anti personnel such as land mines should be stopped.

And ...

I am sure that 99% of the people in the world just want to get on with a peaceful life with a roof over their head, going to work, spending time with their loved ones, being healthy and not worrying when the next bomb is going to go off. Isn't it time that the 1% of the world listened to the silent majority and put their guns and bombs away.

There are countless disasters that occur naturally why fight with each other?

Shouldn't we all be working together to make things better?

POVERTY and Oppression

We should be taking this further... what about the starving in Africa and South America and all parts of the world. People are dying due to lack of medication and money. Some people have got rich in these countries (and others that support them) while the ordinary people are being used and abused, whether deliberately or just through sheer greed or even negligence. This has to stop.

If certain governments spent the money they have spent on removing Saddam on helping to eradicate poverty in Africa, less people would now be dying of starvation? How many people might not have Aids now if money had been spent on Education and not fighting pointless civil wars?


Write an email today to a member of your government and ask them as a human being to start helping now.

Support Make Poverty History and help make the World a better place.


And one more thing...

We are destroying the world we live in, through pollution and waste. Start recycling, every little helps whether it's paper, bottles or plastic. Start using resources more wisely. Don't waste water and try to do things that promote re-use of resources. We don't all have to be perfect but do what we can.

In the UK we can probably all easily recycle 80% of what we put in the bin, but so many people don't and when they want to build a waste tip on our doorsteps they complain. If you recycled there would not be the need. So RECYCLE now.

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