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Here are some sites you may find interesting. I have reorganized them to make them a little easier to find.



Retailers - in no particular order

Pro Music International

Supplier of musical instruments, studio equipment and PA. Also full Studio builds. Based in West London they aim to give good quality service and support. If you need friendly, helpful advice, this is the place to visit.

TS Pro Audio

Audio Equipment and Lighting for hire and for sale. It was their equipment that was used for the Proms in the Park in July 2008 in Hassocks.


Guitars, Amps, Drums, Keyboards, PA, Recording Equipment, Music Software and 1000's of other musical accessories from Andertons - Guildford Music Store.

Guitar, Amp and Keyboard centre

Brighton's biggest music store.

Absolute Music

All things musical in Poole and online.

Gear 4 Music

Massive Music warehouse in York and online.

Production Room

Music Technology Experts in Leeds. Another good company in Yorkshire and online.


Supplier of musical instruments. Yamaha dealer and keyboards a speciality. Based in Bromley, Kent they aim to give good quality service and support.



When it arrives in my Inbox I have to read it. It's always intelligent, interesting and enlightening. Some gear reviews but more about the process of making records than the technology. And it's free online if you subscribe!!


Essential reading for all sound engineers and anybody interested in Music Technology.

Music Tech

Music Technology magazine with equipment reviews and tests.

Equipment and Software

12 Gauge Microphones

These mics are so cool and great sounding. They are handmade and supplied to order for an amazing price.


Company making high end audio and MIDI interfaces and Digital Performer.

Company making high end audio and MIDI interfaces and Digital Performer.


Company providing Audio and MIDI interfaces, keyboards and software. Including Pro Tools M-Powered. Part of the AVID group along with Digidesign.


Macs, Logic, Garageband, Final Cut, etc. Need I say more...


The makers of Cubase and Wavelab etc.


For Pro Tools and M-Audio.


Designers of Reason and Recycle.

IK Multimedia for T-Racks and much more. Keep your eye on this website for special offers such as there many for 1 promotions.


For Sonar.


Makers of Live

Yamaha UK

For keyboards, digital and analogue mixers and other professional audio equipment (UK Site). Also get manuals and driver downloads.


Manufacturers of Microphones, headphones etc.


Makers of Microphones and sound equipment. You all know the SM58.

Online Resources

1 and 1 is where I buy my domain names.


Where you can listen to all sorts of music and share your own tracks.


A reference site giving information about music. It contains reference information such as track listings, timings, composers and credits.

Website of Friday Ad, advertising all things of a musical nature.

Music and Bands

Paul Raymond Project

Rhythm guitar and keys player for UFO and talented songwriter.

Bar Trek

This is Mark Mahoney and myself - Playing our own songs.

In Transit

My current band - Playing bass. We play a mix of rock and pop covers around Sussex.

Harry Spadge

Blues and rock based in Dormansland - I depped with these guys on New Years Eve (2016 into 2017). Great fun, always having a good time.

Tim Boat

Talented songwriter - I played with Tim for a couple of years and have also mastered a number of his most recent projects.

Groove 101 Band

Party and Wedding Band based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Nia Coleman

Amazing classical singer.

The Young Folk

Fantastic new band from Ireland, brilliant musicians and great harmonies.

Bryony Brooke

Folk singer and multi-instrumentalist. Always entertaining with an excellent backing band.

Max Shire

Talented songwriter, Indie songs with a real edge. All songs from the first album mixed by myself with Max at his West London Studio.

Rory Flynn

Rory's web site containing information and mp3 downloads.

Anna Krantz

Talented singer/ songwriter (and a client) with published material and a great sound.

Green-ish Day

Tribute band based in Southampton.

Other Sites

Leah Durkan

Fantastic local artist was shortlisted for the 2013 Poetry in Art prize at the Much Wenlock Poetry Festival.

Chickenbone John

Cigar Box Guitar maker and musician and educator.

Beachfront B-Roll

Free to use video footage of many interesting things.

Sound Architect

Music Therapy through Music Technology. For disadvantaged children and adults in the south east. If your organization believes they could benefit or you have some money you would like to put in please go to this site.

Bands on the Run

Agency for bands and venues in the South of England.

Make Poverty History

You know what this is.

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