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Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Harrison MixBus and Cakewalk Tuition and Training

Covid-19 Update

During this period I continue with on-line support and tuition. These are the only ways that I am currently working. For support I am using Chrome Remote Desktop (or Screen Sharing for Mac) in conjunction with either FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Please use one of the links below for details of how to contact me.

While this is the case, lessons can be as short or as long as you need. From 10 minutes to a few hours. I will only charge for the time that I spend on helping you out. I don't go much over 2 hours in general because it can be too intense in terms of the amount of information you may be trying to take in and I find it better to break lessons up in to more manageable chunks. Call or email me for an appointment.

Studio One

Harrison MixBus, Live, Cakewalk or Studio One

The links above cover the other areas that I can help you with.

Harrison MixBus

I'll help you get started with using MixBus, Harrison's excellent mixing software package. This programme was primarily designed as a mixing tool but it has developed into a fully fledged DAW. It is still not going to provide you with the content of the likes of Logic, ProTools or Cubase but as a mixing tool it is excellent and has a sound that is unique to it. Designed by console manufacturers it has been designed for it's sound.

Ableton Live

I'll help you get started with using Live, Ableton's excellent software package. This programme takes a different approach to music making but is excellent fun and you can get great results very quickly. It lacks some of the niceties of the other major Digital Workstations but has a lot of benefits.

Presonus Studio One

Studio One is produced by Presonus who make Audio Interfaces (amongst other things). It is now up to version 5 and comes in 3 different versions so you can get started at any budget. These are Prime, Artist and Professional. Prime has limited instruments and effects and you cannot use VSTs but it gives you a great introduction into how to use DAWs and it's just a few clicks away. You only need to give an email address and then download the software. It's a small download and some further content if you need it. Go to Studio One. Also this download allows you to demo the full version for 30 days. This latest version is available for PC or MAC. Windows 7, 8 or 10 and MAC OS 10.11 onwards only.

Studio One

Cakewalk or Sonar

Also Sonar was Cakewalk's Workstation that was gaining ground with PC users. However, this was part of Gibson and with the financial problems being faced by them they abandoned the whole thing. Luckily for Sonar users this product has been taken over by Bandlab and is now called Cakewalk by Bandlab. It is the same software as before and you will be supported by Bandlab. The other good news is that if you want to try out Cakewalk the DAW is now free! You will get all the functionality of the Platinum version without any of the 3rd party plugins. If you already have them they will stay functional but not for new users. If you need help getting started give me a call.

If you would like affordable tuition from an experienced Music Tech tutor please give me a call or email me. See the link below.

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