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If you want to turn your ideas into songs and need a producer please give me a call.

I am an experienced sound engineer and can help you with your production.


I have mixed and mastered albums for Paul Raymond of UFO and we are currently working on a new album that was finished late 2017 and is now awaiting release. The latest released album was "Rewind 50" on general release in early 2015. I mixed, mastered and co-produced this album helping Paul in the process of getting the album where it needed to be for release. It was given a full release in January of 2015 and is available on iTunes and Amazon (amongst others). Here is the link to buy it on Amazon.

I have just finished helping produce "Shadows of the Past" by Bob Stone, a musician of many years recording, mixing and mastering it for it's July 2016 launch.

I have mixed 5 albums for a studio in South London and have been involved in recording and production on a number of albums for a Media company in Sussex.

I have also recorded and mixed the album for Max Shire and his new band Sky of Three Suns.  You can check out these songs and some of the reviews on either of the above MySpace pages.

I have worked on songs with a local songwriter and singer. Producing and engineering the songs that they have come up with. You can go to the MySpace of Silvertown Girl to listen to some samples of tracks and go to iTunes to buy the downloads.

I have worked with an excellent singer "Kristelle Graff", mixing songs with a view to future release. All 5 of her songs are up on MySpace.

I have worked with a musician/singer from Mauritius.

I have worked on 3 tracks for a band in Surrey. We recorded the tracks in a day at a music school and now I am mixing the tracks for their demo. The band is called Sketch and when they get them onto MySpace I will put on a link.

I have worked with a singer who has written and sung lyrics and I wrote the tracks to go with them.

Reason Mixer

Also, I have worked with a dance DJ with many years experience who has started writing.

I have also worked with other local songwriters on the recording and arranging of their songs.

As you will see from the rest of my website, if you would like help to get you started I can help teach you also.

If you go to my MySpace page you will hear some of the tracks that I have worked on.

Please follow the links below to contact me by email or phone.

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