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I am a songwriter and arranger/producer who can work in many styles (be it rock, pop, blues or dance) and I have my own recording facilities. I have been writing lyrics and tunes for years and finally got my lyrical and musical ideas to start coming together in 2001. I want to write songs that mean something.

Cubase 7

Working with Mark Mahoney we have formed Bar Trek and we have put together a number of songs.

I am currently working with a London based act who have written some songs that need to be fine tuned for recording.

I have worked writing for a local singer who has written and sung lyrics to about 20 songs.

I have worked with a Producer on arranging 4 dance tracks that are now available in the States on a couple of different albums (2006). I have been working with the same producer and co written 6 tracks going on 4 different dance albums that went to press in 2006.

If you are in need of a song or just some music or lyrics for a collaboration then get in contact following the link at the foot of the page and we'll see what we can do.

My first attempt at recording my own songs was in conjunction with Chris Sheppard (AKA Marcus Bekker) and "No More (Call to Arms)" was the result, motivated (if that's the right word) by the 9/11 tragedy.

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

The first of my songs for Breakout - "Just For Show" was premiered at one of our gigs in September 2002. Additionally, "Take it from them" was part of the Breakout set. The music for this was co-written with Kevin Harbor, one of Breakout's ex-bass players.

"Average Day" was the result of a project at LMS that has echoes of Pink Floyd.

I changed "No More (Call to Arms)" in to a highly charged rock track which was debuted by Breakout live on February 1st, 2003.

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